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Supercharging becomes cheaper



Supercharging becomes cheaper

We recently announced price changes for Tesla’s Superchargers. Superchargers are the fast charging infrastructure of the American automaker. As part of dynamic pricing, the price of superchargers is now only more expensive during peak hours. So far, the average price has been around 0.73 euros per kWh, and outside peak hours it averages 0.65 euros per kWh. Tesla not only wants to ease the burden on customer wallets, but also on the local energy grid. Medium because compressor prices are based on current energy prices.

Tesla is now announcing new supercharger pricing changes. In the past, it was already stated that the prices should be checked and adjusted on a quarterly basis. After it got more expensive over the past few months, the costs are now down. The higher prices during peak hours remain the same. Overall, however, compressor costs are falling. Where previously almost 0.65 euros were due, after the price reduction it is around 0.48 euros per kWh. At 0.53 euro per kWh, the price difference at peak times is not significantly more expensive and is even lower than the old off-peak prices. As described above, prices vary depending on the location of the Supercharger. With the new prices, you are once again getting closer to the prices of the competition’s fast chargers. You don’t have to own a Tesla for the prices mentioned. Competitor cars can now also be recharged using many superchargers. But you can only get the mentioned prices with a subscription.

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