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The game’s first elusive Shinys cause amazement and disappointment



The game's first elusive Shinys cause amazement and disappointment

These shinys are refused to us.

Shiny hunting season in Pokémon Crimson & Crimson is officially open. However, some players have now discovered shiny that are inaccessible to us because they belong to our friend Pepper. While it might be frustrating on the one hand, it’s almost become a tradition that spans generations of Pokemon.

NPCs make you jealous

Some Twitter users are currently sharing snippets of their fights against the Pokemon Titans in the game. They noticed that some of Pepper’s Pokémon that he uses to help you in battle are actually Shinys. So fought kitensa for example side by side with a Shimmering Geosali against “Klibbe, the titan of stone cliffs”.

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at daijobbucat however, was shared with a Glittering Mushas fought by Pepper against “Adebom, the Titan of the Open Skies”.

However, the appearance of the Shinys there seems to be completely coincidental.because other players didn’t see them at all when fighting the titans.

While it can be helpful to have a Shiny by your side during these encounters, some players are also frustrated that Shiny Pokemon are so close and yet so far away. Because of course you can’t catch Pepper’s Pokémon like that.

Everything else about the successful Shiny Hunt can be found here:

The elusive shiny are almost a tradition

In previous editions of Pokémon, the elusive shinies were a topic that caused frustration and disappointment. So maybe many still mourn the scintillating Fiffyen from the beginning of Pokémon Ruby & Sapphire. The elusive shinies cross over almost every edition and generation, so strictly speaking, the purple and crimson are just carrying on the tradition.

But now we ask you: did you also fight with a Shiny in your Titan battles?

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