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Warning about alleged energy-saving devices in online retail



The Federal Network Agency determines the undersupply of telecommunications services

The Federal Network Agency calls for caution when buying so-called energy-saving devices online. These products partly promise that the electricity bill significantly reduced will be. According to its own statements, the Federal Network Agency has controlled different types of these devices (advertised with terms such as energy or electricity saving box, electronic saving box or energy saving device ) and found many formal flaws.

The energy saving boxes tested should stabilize the flow of electricity in the household and thus lead to a lower electricity bill. It would be enough to plug such a device into the socket. With the devices, the Federal Network Agency found that components were often connected unprofessionally and soldered connections were missing.

Energy-saving devices purchased by the Federal Network Agency via an online test purchase outside the EU had visible formal defects, such as incorrect CE markings, missing German operating instructions and a lack of responsible contact persons. This may affect buyers, as no claims can be made against responsible companies for warranty or even damage. According to the Federal Network Agency, the operation of such defective devices is not permitted in Germany.

Advice from the Federal Network Agency:

  • Order online from trusted and well-known sources. Find out about the provider in advance, for example at consumer centers or Stiftung Warentest.
  • Check that there is an address in the EU where you can reach the supplier or its partner. This address must appear on the product or its packaging, package, or in an accompanying document.
  • Make sure that the information on the general conditions of sale (GTC) as well as the instructions for cancellation and return are available.
  • Check the product description carefully. In particular, make sure that there are references to a German user manual.
  • The price must be plausible compared to competitors.
  • If you are unsure, ask the seller about the product. Reputable sellers will answer questions quickly and willingly.
  • Make sure that the plug type can also be used in Germany.

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