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40 GB for €14.99 per month



40 GB for €14.99 per month

At freenet you benefit from a new tariff in the Telekom network for Black Friday. for 14.99 euros per month, there is 40 GB of data volume and a flat rate for telephony and SMS. The company declares the following:

Feenet 30+10 GB green LTE Allnet Flat in the Telekom network for € 14.99

40 Gb LTE flat internet (50 Mbit/s)
DISH telephony & SMS
Roaming in the EU
telecom network
VoLTE and Wi-Fi calling
eSIM possible
Flexible contract start possible
€0.00 connection price instead of €39.99 thanks to reimbursement by SMS
(Save AP vs. SMS: The connection price of €39.99 will be refunded to you by freenet if you send an SMS with the text “Free AP” (without special characters) to 8362 within 30 days of activation. This SMS costs 0 once € .19/SMS.)

Note, an extract from the legal notice: Applies when concluding a freenet mobile phone contract at the LTE 30 GB green tariff on the Telekom mobile network, minimum contract duration 24 months, notice period 1 month before the end of the minimum contract duration. If no termination is made, the contract will continue indefinitely after the expiration of the minimum contract term and may be terminated at any time with one month’s notice. Connection price EUR 39.99, monthly package price in the first 24 months EUR 14.99 via automatic credit of EUR 27.00. From the 25th month, price of the regular monthly plan 41.99 EUR.

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