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All current Tera Raid events and how to grab Eevee now



All current Tera Raid events and how to grab Eevee now

Tera Raid events allow you to catch special Pokémon.

Instead of Dynamax raids like in Sword/Shield, the so-called Tera Raids await us in Crimson/Purple, in which special Tera Crystal Pokémon await us. Events also give us the chance to get rarer Pokémon. In this preview, we explain raids in more detail and summarize upcoming events.

First event: Eevee in all Tera types

In the first event since release, Eevee awaits us with all Tera types and 1-5 star strength. So if you’re looking for a specific type of Tera, pay attention to the symbols you see on the map and when entering the raid in the top right.

From when to when does the event take place? From now, i.e. from November 25, 2022 until November 29, 2022 at 00:59 German time.

From the crystal structure on Eevee's head, we can tell that she has the Tera-type background.

From the crystal structure on Eevee’s head, we can tell that she has the Tera-type background.

If you manage to catch an Eevee during the raid event, you may also receive a Thunder, Water, Leaf, Ice, or Flint (via Bisafans).

These are Crimson / Crimson Tera Raid Events

Tera Raid Events work like normal Tera Raids, except they specialize in specific Pokemon and their forms and only for a while Are available.

Raids are launched via the shiny or black crystals in the game world (black is even more special). We can then take on the Pokémon in cooperation with other trainers or AI support. If we defeat the teracrystallized Pokémon within the time limit, it will return to its normal form and can be captured.

The Pokémon’s Tera type can not only be recognized by the crystal shape above the Pokémon when battling it, but can also be seen on the map by the color and symbols inside the Pokémon. Raid symbols (six-pointed star) recognize. If it is a raid, the icon will light up slightly.

Important requirement: For the Tera Raid event to be activated, you must receive the latest PokéPortal news through the PokéPortal.

You can read more about teracrystallization itself in the following article:

Pokémon Crimson: Here is the teracrystallization and how it works


more on the subject

Pokemon Crimson: It’s teracrystallization and here’s how it works

Titan Charizard Raid Event

There will also be a chance to get a Charizard with the Tera-type dragon twice in December through Black Crystals. It’s especially exciting because there’s no Charizard in Crimson/Crimson. You can read more about the Charizard event in our news article “Pokémon Crimson/Crimson reveals a rare form of Charizard – that’s how you get it in the Tera raid”.

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