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Hooks of several colors are to be introduced



Twitter is testing a new profile tagging for verified phone numbers

Those interested in Twitter have of course noticed that if you want a blue tick, you have to pay $8 per month in countries where Twitter Blue is available. The problem with this is that previously verified users lose their status or it is no longer worth anything. Twitter or Musk’s idea wasn’t so well thought out, so they were rejected.

Next week, however, verification is expected to continue, although Musk did not want to divulge the details until later. What we know so far: the gold tick for companies, the gray tick for governments, the blue tick for individuals (celebrities or not) and all verified accounts are manually authenticated before the activation of the tick.

It seems like a monster task for Musk’s small team. All verified individuals have the same blue tick, because the limit of what is “notable” (prominent, etc.) is otherwise too subjective, so Musk. Individuals can have a small secondary logo showing that they belong to an organization if they are verified as such by that organization.

Let’s see what works there soon – or not.

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