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ING Germany introduces digital legitimation with the online identification function



ING Germany introduces digital legitimation with the online identification function

ING Germany, also a popular topic in the blog with its banking app and related services, introduces digital legitimation with the ID card online identification function. This means that a full digital identification is now possible on your own, for example when opening an account. This completes the video and post-identification process for authentication.

The process can be used not only for opening accounts, but also for consumer loans or construction financing, which are then completed completely digitally. The prerequisite is of course that your identity card is ready for this – since November 2020, all German identity cards have been equipped with the online identification function in the form of an integrated eID chip. Anyone still walking around with an old ID can be left behind.

During identification with the online ID card, the data on the ID card’s integrated eID chip is retrieved using a smartphone or card reader via two-factor authentication . To be able to use the online identification function, customers need an identity card with an activated online identification function, an NFC-enabled smartphone with the Deutsche Post Postident app installed and the PIN code six figures that they chose themselves.

For verification, the customer uses the link sent by ING with the transaction number and, when prompted by the Postident application, places his identity card on or under his smartphone. The applicant must then enter the PIN code of the identity card. This completes the identification. If the online identity card has been deactivated on request (possible until 2017) or if the PIN code has been forgotten, a new PIN code can be requested online using the “PIN code reset service ” in combination with AusweisApp2.

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