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Next-gen update looks better than expected in early comparisons



Next-gen update looks better than expected in early comparisons

But then Geralt dressed really well.

CD Projekt RED is not only concerned with improving Cyberpunk 2077, the third part of the Witcher series is also being expanded once again with a massive free content update. This includes numerous quality of life improvements and performs a graphical upgrade on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S. The visual tweaks may seem insignificant at first glance, but they’re pretty thorough.

Has little changed graphically? You are laughing at me ? You are serious when you say that!

Already during the live stream, in which CD Projekt RED showed what features the next-gen update for The Witcher 3 brings, it was repeatedly read that some fans are not really convinced about the visual improvements of the update. free update.

“The graphics look too much like the original, almost nothing has changed!” Hence the allegations. The game’s level designer, Miles Tost, has proven that his own memories can be misleading. who shared a rather stark comparison from a Reddit user on Twitter:

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Here you can pretty much see how CD Projekt RED has screwed up the lighting system. The third Witcher doesn’t look so pale anymore after the next-gen upgrade, the colors are much more effective. But the textures have also taken a huge leap forward, they are now much more detailed. There are also light reflections on solid surfaces, like the troll’s hand here, and finer shadows.

This comparison also shows that the lighting moods are considerably more realistic than the original:

Next-gen update

Vivid colors and much better shading in the next-gen update.


The original offered less contrast and almost no intense colors.

It rarely emerges from the images which systems were used as the basis, which image mode was used, whether the graphics settings were changed and whether the weather conditions are congruent. So caution is always in order!

Better reflections throughout the game: In the original, the environment was only reflected on larger bodies of water; in the next-gen upgrade, the visible content of the image is also reflected in small puddles.

Next-gen update

Reflections on the surface, more believable shadows below.


In the original, the water is completely translucent. (Image: HD Rework mod installed.)

More detailed game world: CD Projekt RED has once again filmed the vegetation of Selen, Skellige and Co., the vegetation is a little denser. Cities should also appear more plastic in the future, as the masonry has been fully modeled instead of just giving the overlaying textures a sense of depth.

Next-gen update

Vegetation, shadows and textures are much better.


The lighting and vegetation are a bit off compared to the original. (Image source: Youtube / Open Surprise)

Graphics and ray tracing modes: A performance mode has been confirmed for consoles, running at 60fps, which the developers say is the same as the PC version with “Ultra” settings. The effects, character models and textures are very chic:

It also sounds very nice in performance mode.

It also sounds very nice in performance mode.

However, if we decide to use ray tracing, the frame rate is limited to 30 fps. Then the global illumination should be authentically calculated and the indirect shadows on the edges of the objects are also displayed using the technology.

Here you can watch the explosive update trailer for current consoles:

The Witcher 3 for PS5 and Xbox Series XS is featured in the first trailer


The Witcher 3 for PS5 and Xbox Series X/S is shown in the first trailer

Sharper image with FSR 2.1

With a recently released patch for Cyberpunk 2077, CD Projekt RED first gained experience with AMD’s “FidelityFX Super Resolution 2.1” upscaling method. The technique enlarges a low-resolution image to give the impression of native 4K output. In sci-fi role-playing games, this guarantees significantly higher image sharpness, as you can see in this comparison article:

Sharper visuals: Hopefully more games will follow Cyberpunk 2077's lead


more on the subject

Sharper visuals: Hopefully more games will follow Cyberpunk 2077’s lead

The third Witcher next-gen update also uses FSR 2.1, we are curious if the upscaling algorithm will allow us to enjoy such an elaborate technique as ray tracing with clarity of elevated image in a large open-world title. Normally, the resolution must be reduced for this.

We’ll know more from December 14, when the patch will be released for PS5, Xbox Series X|S and PC. By the way, there are also (partly controversial) armor and quests inspired by the Netflix series.

Will you be playing The Witcher 3 again once the update is released?

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