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Proton Mail: Many improvements planned



Better Google Calendar import and more

Proton Mail and the other services offered by the company have been mentioned here at one time or another. Now the developers have talked a bit about what’s next for Proton Mail and the Proton Calendar.

The Schedule Send feature allows users to compose and schedule the delivery of 2023 emails to the recipient at a convenient time.

New and improved protection mechanisms will also be introduced to block trackers in emails. They prevent senders from knowing when recipients have opened an email and render their tracking data useless. They also want to protect users from default trackers in the Proton Mail app for iPhone/iPad.

When Proton Mail users have an important email to deal with, they can set a reminder to reply the email later. They can also snooze emails, which hides an email and reminds them later.

They are also working on the ability to automatically categorize emails users receive based on sender category, to completely private road. For example, social media notifications will be separate from the main view of your inbox.

It all sounds a bit like Gmail too, but it’s good to have feature-rich alternatives.

In the coming weeks, the Proton Calendar for iPhone will also be launched, which users can use to organize their appointment schedule while on the go. They’re also working on other features, including tasks and to-do lists and better sharing. The full announcement can be found here, which is a good read.

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