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The manager wants to fight for the takeover by Microsoft



Takeover of Activision-Blizzard: concerns of the British competition authorities

Activision Blizzard should actually be taken over by Microsoft. However, it is currently doubtful that this will actually happen. The FTC is said to be already preparing a lawsuit against the takeover. In Britain, on the other hand, the responsible antitrust authorities are subjecting the potential deal to further scrutiny. And a similar step has also taken place in the EU. Now director Lulu Cheng Meservey, the publisher’s chief commercial officer, has also spoken out.

According to the Activision Blizzard executive, allegations that the acquisition could harm competition are “absurd”. On the contrary, the American games industry and gamers would generally benefit, as there is more and more foreign competition. Meservey is probably referring to Chinese companies like Tencent. According to the director, you will fight for redemption anyway.

Of course, we will continue to cooperate with responsible authorities worldwide. However, should it prove necessary to defend the takeover, the necessary measures would be taken. It’s certainly a nod to the potential FTC lawsuit that would then go to US courts.

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