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Update 1.1 brings a new character, a new level and even more mayhem



Update 1.1 brings a new character, a new level and even more mayhem

Vampire Survivors was already a phenomenon in Early Access, but now it’s already 1.1.

Vampire Survivors was deservedly an absolute mega-hit that went viral even in an unfinished early release. The regular launch happened recently with version 1.1. But that doesn’t mean the independent development studio is putting the brakes on and resting on its well-deserved laurels – quite the contrary. Even after release, new free content comes into play. Update 1.1 is here and it delivers even more of the absolutely jaw-dropping action mayhem that is Vampire Survivors.

Vampire Survivors: It’s in the new free version 1.1 update

What’s new? Update 1.1 mainly brings a new character, but also a whole new level. Both should be extremely well received by hungry, even bloodthirsty fans, and taste very good.

On top of that, there’s a new power-up item to unlock, two new achievements to claim, and new music.

Even more replayability: Vampire Survivors derives much of its excitement from playing new levels with new characters, unlocking new upgrades, and collecting trophies for it all. As a result, Update 1.1 delivers exactly what fans want: more really good (via: Steam).

This is the step: As a new challenge level, the Bridge aka Tiny Bridge comes into play with the 1.1 update. It’s much narrower than most other levels in Vampire Survivors and lives up to its name. You are standing in the middle of a narrow bridge and evil monsters are attacking you from both sides.

Here’s what it looks like:

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Here is the new character: If you’d rather find out for yourself what the secret new character you can unlock is, it’s best to skip this paragraph here. Otherwise: The new character is called Scorej-Oni and gets a hidden ring of lightning every eight levels. It also fires when you lose energy.

What can the Power Up do? The sealed element can seal elements. This means that you don’t have to ban unwanted extras individually every time, but have the option to exclude unwanted bonuses for full execution via the Collection menu.

Here are the survivors of the vampires:

Vampire Survivors: Action Hit Trailer Announces Update 1.0 and Full Release


Vampire Survivors: Action Hit Trailer Announces Update 1.0 and Full Release

In Vampire Survivors you simply control the movements with a stick your survivor. The character will automatically attack while enemies will attack you from all sides. If you kill some of them, you get experience points and you can invest them in weapons, upgrades and cool items when you level up.

it looks very simple, but develops an addictive attraction in a very short time. It’s hard to resist the fascination of this game and it really is a very unique game. You can play it for little money on PC, Steam Deck, Xbox or even in Game Pass.

Are you already busy playing? What do you think of the new scene and the new character?

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