10 Funny & Unusual Protests In The History 

By: Tessa Madinson

CIRCA is a group of anti-authority clowns with a basis in the UK that oppose war, globalization, and other activist causes.

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1.Bring In The CIRCA

Mexico City leaders closed the government-owned Central Light and Power Company in 2009. The closure cost numerous jobs loss.

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2.Lone Lucha Libre Biker Protest

In 2006, Saskatchewan people criticized bad road conditions. Thus they are featured as naked individuals.

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3. Nude Pothole Protest

In Israel, the West Bank Village separation barrier divides the Israeli and Palestinian communities. They protested by  worewearing Avatar costumes 

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4.Channeling Avatar

More than 3000 farmers protested decreasing milk prices in Brussels in 2009.Protesters milked a cow in the street and squirted milk.

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5.Squirting Milk At Police

Alice Newstead protested shark finning in 2011. she hang in the hook to bring attention to the problems sharks face.

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6.Hanging From Shark Hooks

Greenpeace placed life-size human sculptures in 2010. The deep sculptures symbolize global warming and increasing sea levels.

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7.Underwater Protest

Greenpeace protested the one-year anniversary of the Fukushima Daiichi accident by wearing radiation suits, masks 

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8.Nuclear Suits Protest

In 2001, individuals in 7-foot-tall pigeon costumes blocked a London pedestrian crossing protesting against a local company

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9.Giant Pigeons

Two environmentalists protested global warming in Berlin in 2010 by dressing as enormous snowmen

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10.Giant Snowmen