10 Most Expensive Cat Breed Latest Update

British Shorthairs are friendly, loving, and more laid-back than other cats. They bond with their owners and get along well with other pets. British Shorthairs cost $1,500.

10. The British Shorthair

Scottish Folds are loyal companions known for their turned-down ears. They're joyful, active, and adore attention. Scottish Folds cost $3,000

9. The Scottish Fold

Hairless and blue-eyed, the Sphynx is healthy, powerful, and resistant to most cat health conditions.They are also nice with strangers. Prices exceed $3,000.

8. The Sphynx

The Russian Blue's silvery blue coat and emerald eyes made it popular. These cats are  Smart and  friendly  with their owner.The cat cost $3,000 .

7. The Russian Blue

The Peterbald is an elegant Russian breed with a short peach-like coat or with veryshort  hair.The cost of a Peterbald rises to $5,000.

6. The Peterbald

While their beginnings were linked to 19th-century , the Persian existed before Christ.Their luxuriant fur and bright eyes seem luxurious and sophisticated.The price reaches $5,500.

5. The Persian

Allerca cats are genetically modified to be hypoallergenic by disabling the genes that cause allergies  to human.The Allerca is expensive. One costs $6,000.

4. The Allerca

Bengal cats are among of the most impressive luxury cats in the world.Their spotted fur, size, and muscle make them attractive.A single one may cost $25,000!

3. The Bengal 

The Savannah is a hybrid between an African Serval and a Persian Domestic Housecat.It's more like a dog than a cat, so expect plenty of playing, jumping, and running.It costs  $50,000.

2. The Savannah

The Ashera is a combination of the African Serval, Domestic Housecat, and Asian Leopard Cat.It is the most unique pet , but the $150,000 price tag makes them incredibly rare.

1. The Ashera