2022 New York $270 Stimulus Payment Releasing 31st Oct

Another check for the stimulus program is being issued to around 1.75 million residents of New York.

Last Monday, Gov. Kathy Hochul and legislators confirmed eligible New Yorkers will get $270 stimulus payments this month.

New Yorkers who got the Empire State Child Credit or the Earned Income Credit on their state tax returns for 2021 are eligible for the new stimulus check.

You must also either have a legal extension to file your New York State income tax return (Form IT-201) by April 18, 2022, or have filed your return by that date.

DTF will start sending checks in September, and by October 31, 2022, most of them will have been sent.

The agency can't say exactly when the checks will be sent, but they said that some people may get their checks after October if the department is still working on their return.

You don't have to do anything to get the check. DTF will send the checks automatically to New Yorkers who qualify for at least one of the payments.

New Yorkers who have recently moved should let DTF know so that their Additional NYS Child and Earned Income Tax Payment check doesn't get held up.

To do this, they can create an account on the department's website and then follow the instructions on the screen to fill in the required fields and save their new address.