Edwin Jackson Announces Retirement

Edwin Jackson, who used to be an All-Star, announced on Instagram this evening that he was leaving Major League Baseball.

The right-hander pitched in the major leagues for parts of 17 seasons. He made it to the top level every year from 2003 to 2019.

Jackson broke the record for most MLB teams played for by donning a uniform, as he played for 14 different teams over his career.

"I'm retiring from baseball after 22 years." Jackson thanked his wife, parents, sisters, children, and other family members before thanking coaches, trainers, and doctors.

Jackson's first season with Tampa Bay was mostly spent as a reliever, but by 2007 he was making a full turn of starts.

The next year, he pitched 214 innings, which was a career high, and had an ERA of 3.62. Jackson made the All-Star team because he had a 2.52 record in the first half of that season.

Jackson signed a minor league contract with the Diamondbacks in 2020, but he never played in the major leagues again.

Jackson pitched in 412 games in the major leagues. He pitched 1960 innings and had an earned run average of 4.78. He got more than 1500 batters out and won 107 games.

According to Baseball Reference, Jackson made more than $66 million and played for almost half the teams in the league.