Grand Theft Auto GTA 6 Leaks

On Sunday, September 18, a big and unprecedented leak hit one of the decade's most anticipated games. Dozens of Grand Theft Auto 6 video clips began to emerge on the fan forum GTAForums.

A user titled 'teapotuberhacker' on GTAForums who also claims they were behind a recent Uber hack has shared 90 videos from a test build of Grand Theft Auto 6.

The leak has had a significant impact and has started a conversation about how leaks affect every stage of game development in the video game industry.

Rockstar officially unveiled the next Grand Theft Auto game on February 4, 2022. “Active development for the next Grand Theft Auto game is well underway,” Rockstar said earlier this year.

GTAForums is a popular online forum for Grand Theft Auto discussion. On September 18, leaked GTA 6 resources leaked online. Leaks spread to Twitter and YouTube.

Obviously, the footage is unpolished and unfinished. This is one of the most significant leaks in the history of video games and a nightmare for Rockstar Games."

On the same day, Take-Two Interactive pulled leaked videos from several sites. Takedown requests reportedly came from Rockstar email addresses, verifying the leaks' legitimacy.

According to the previous GTA 6 leak, the game has been in production since 2014 under the codename 'Project Americas.'

These files, which contain the term "Americas" in their names and show a version operating on a PlayStation 4 dev kit, could be several years old.

Rockstar Games had a network intrusion in which an unauthorised third party illegally accessed and downloaded personal information. "Rockstar's services are unaffected. This issue is under control."