Most Followed People On Instagram

By: Tessa Madinson

Instagram has more than 543 million followers, and it is the account with the most followers on Instagram.

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Recent events saw Cristiano Ronaldo become the first human to reach the milestone of 477 million followers on Instagram.

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2.Cristiano Ronaldo

Kylie Jenner just surpassed 367 million Instagram followers. She's the world's, most-followed lady.

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3.Kylie Jenner

From Ronaldo's football opponent to Instagram rival. The Argentine player is pursuing Kylie Jenner for #3 on Instagram with 358m followers

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4.Lionel Messi

Selena Gomez has said she avoids social media, yet she's been rising rapidly with 344m followers

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5.Selena Gomez

Dwayne Johnson has ever-growing fanbase is fueled by life and fitness motivation, plus the occasional tequila shot with 335m followers

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6.Dwayne Johnson

It's no surprise to see Kim Kardashian among the top 10, she is in the top 10 with 329m followers

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7.Kim Kardashian

Ariana Grande has 328m followers on Instagram, her feed is full of previews of upcoming projects and insights into her personal life

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8.Ariana Grande

The Grammy-winning singer and The Voice coach has had an exciting few years that kept people following with 273m followers

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9.Beyoncé Knowles

Khloe joins Kim and Kylie as The Kardashians premieres with 268 million Instagram followers

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10.Khloe Kardashian