Nyquil Chicken: FDA Warns Of Tiktok Viral Sleepychicken

TikTok users are once again dispensing terrible life advice by advising users to marinate their chicken in over-the-counter cough syrups.

As much as people would like to believe it is a joke, experts are extremely concerned that people will follow the recipe incorrectly.

"Don't cook your chicken with cold medicine" wasn't already common sense, the FDA issued a formal warning against the NyQuil Chicken recipe.

In response to a viral TikTok trend involving cooking chicken in NyQuil or similar OTC cough syrups, the FDA issued guidelines for social media challenges involving medications last week.

The original video by @janelleandkate is no longer online, but it is frequently republished and stitched/dueted. It began in January

The account is full of unusual food combinations, such as Pepto Bismol waffles and peanut butter steak, so it wouldn't be surprising if "sleepy chicken" made a comeback as a result of them.

TikTok, on the other hand, has (correctly) replaced "Nyquil Chicken" search results with a list of resources, making it unclear who first uploaded the "meal."

Forget about how disgusting the blue-tinged end result looks (and, presumably, tastes); the FDA warns of a number of risks associated with pouring cough syrup into your skillet.

Many TikTok users record themselves re-entering leftover liquid into the bottle, which may be contaminated with pathogens if the chicken is undercooked.