Prince William Inherited 685 Years Old Estate Worth $1 Billion

Wills of monarchs are never made public. That means that what happens to most of the Queen's personal wealth after her death last week will remain a family secret.

Forbes reported the late monarch's jewels, art collection, investments, and two homes were worth $500 million. George VI gave the Queen both properties.

Laura Clancy, a media lecturer at Lancaster University and author of a book about royal finances, told Royal wills are kept secret, so we don't know what's in them or how much they're worth

The great majority of the Royal family's wealth—at least £18 billion in land, property, and investments—goes to King Charles and his successor through a centuries-old tradition.

Because of the order of succession, Prince William, who is now first in line to the British throne, has a lot more money.

The private Duchy of Cornwall estate is given to the future king by his father. The duchy owns a huge amount of land and buildings, most of which are in the southwest of England.

King Edward III started the estate in 1337, and its last financial year's accounts show that it is worth about £1 billion ($1.2 billion).

The Duke of Cornwall's public, private, and charitable activities are paid for with money from the estate, according to its website. Prince William now holds that title.

The Crown Estate, which is worth £16.5 billion ($19 billion), is by far the biggest part of the family's wealth. It now belongs to King Charles, who is the reigning monarch. 

But under a deal from 1760, the Sovereign Grant, the monarch gives the government all of the profits from the estate in exchange for a piece.

It made a net profit of almost £313 million ($361 million) in its last financial year. The Queen received a Sovereign Grant of £86 million ($100 million) from the UK Treasury.