Tabor Payments: When Will The Colorado Residents Receive The Checks?

Under the Taxpayer Bill of Rights, the state of Colorado will give people in Jefferson county a payment of up to $80. (TABOR).

TABOR ensures that any additional money collected by the state or municipal government in a given year is refunded to taxpayers.

TABOR, which was passed in 1992, also limits how much money local governments in Colorado can spend as a whole. 

Since Jefferson County made more than 17.3 million dollars in 2021, the people who live there should get a rebate.

In August, the state of Colorado sent tax filers rebates of up to $750. The latest round of payments will only go to people who paid property taxes in the county in 2021.

The final amount a person gets will be directly related to how much property tax he or she paid the year before.

Depending on how much they paid in property taxes last year, 88% of property taxpayers will get less than $80 and 50% less than $50.

Some payments are less than $1. Jefferson County households who haven't paid their property tax in 2021 won't get these payments.

Checks should arrive in October. If eligible residents don't get a check, they must contact the Jefferson County Treasurer's Office.