Top 10 Most Expensive Cats

It's the classic American cat. It's the consequence of a 1966 spontaneous mutation in upstate New York farm cats.

10. American Wirehair – $1,200

The American Curl is a popular, friendly cat breed. Its flat silk coat, rectangular torso, expressive eyes, and curled ears are unique.

9. American Curl – $1,200

This cat's bright eyes and blue coat draw attention. Plus, it's smart and playful, making it a great pet.

8. Russian Blue – $3,000

The Scottish Fold was created in 1961 on a Tayside farm. Shepherd William Ross spotted the cat, got a kitten, and created the breed.

7. Scottish Fold – $3,000

The Sphynx is hairless due to a genetic mutation that developed a robust and strong breed.

6. Sphynx – $3,000

Peterbald cats can be hairless or have a peach-colored coat. Some of these cats have velvety coats, while others have beard-like fur.

5. Peterbald – $5,000

Many stories attribute Persian cats to 19th-century Persia (modern-day Iran), however historical evidence reveals they existed before Christ.

4. Persian – $5,500

Bengal cats are exotic-looking great pets. This breed is spotted and muscular. In the 1970s, a wild Asian leopard cat was bred with domestic shorthairs to create this breed.

3. Bengal – $25,000

The first Savannah was created by Bengal breeder Judee Frank in 1986. In the mid-1990s, breeder organizations certified this breed.

2. Savannah – $50,000

As a rare breed, the Ashera can cost up to $125,000. Los Angeles-based farm creates such 5 kittens yearly.

1. The Ashera – Up to $125,000