Wordle 452 Answer For September 14

It's Wenesday, and what a perfect day for a Wordle. Every day, whether you're crushing it or struggling, we're here to help.

Although the rules of Wordle are simple, it can be frustrating for players if their first few guesses are incorrect.

The Wordle players frequently add their own rules to the game to make it more thrilling and intriguing.

Wordle fans should be able to complete today's puzzle quickly if they get a few letters right on their first few tries.

Wordle is a vocabulary game in which players get six chances to guess a five-letter word. Once you guess, individual letters in the word will have different colors. Each color has a different meaning.


Today's five-letter term is pronounced similarily to a common four-letter word, despite the fact that their meanings couldn't be more different. The answer is a herb that is often used in cooking.

The Merriam-Webster dictionary describes Wordle #452 as "any of a genus of Eurasian mints with little pungent scented leaves, especially

The answer for the Wednesday puzzle is "Thyme." a low-growing aromatic plant of the mint family. The small leaves are used as a culinary herb and the plant yields a medicinal oil.

"Thyme," a cooking herb its leaves have a sweet smell and which is typically used to add flavour to meals.